Indoor Cricket World - 1984 Australian National Indoor Cricket Championships


Australian National Indoor Cricket Championships, 1984.
Perth, Western Australia

As I've mentioned in another part of this site, I umpired at the 1984 Australian National Indoor Cricket Championships in Perth, Western Australia. During this competition I had the pleasure of umpiring Steve and Mark Waugh, Dave Lewis (later to become the Australian Coach (Men's), Peter Gladigau (who went on to play Sheffield Shield cricket for South Australia), and a host of players who have since become prominent features of the national Australian Indoor Cricket scene (Ken Glover, Ross Gregory, Mark Smirnoff, Jeremy Homfrey, Brett Armitage and Mal Challen to name a few - apologies to anyone else who was there and is still playing Nationals

So if you were there in 1984, or wish you were, we have a treat for you .....

The pages linked below contain all the details of that 1984 championship, including full team lists for every participating State/Territory



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