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Vale Greg (Snake) Mathews

Pictured above: Greg (Snake) Mathews (Right) sharing a drink with old mates Hully (Left) and Scoie (Centre)

August 7, 2017:
It is with much sadness Indoor Cricket World notes the sudden passing of Greg Mathews, known around Australia and the world as "Snake".
One of the finest gentlemen to ever grace an indoor cricket court, and in my opinion, the greatest player.
RIP mate, and thank you for some of the finest, most breathtaking memories our sport will ever provide.
Sheldon Levis. Guildford, August 2017





About Sheldon

Played since the earliest years, and began umpiring in the late 1970s.

Represented Western Australia for over 10 years in National Masters and Vets championships, honours include Captaining Western Australia and winning the Player of the National Championships in 1987.

Umpired State, National and international matches, held the post of Umpire Coordinator in Western Australia for the now defunct Australia Indoor Cricket Federation (AICF).

invited to officially photograph the Indoor Cricket World Cup in Wellington, New Zealand in 2002

invited to officially photograph the Indoor Cricket Masters and Under 18 World Cups in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2003

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