World Cup


World Cup 2000

In addition to the official Team England World Cup 2000 uniforms, Bulldog Sports are also supplier of the official team kit for New Zealand's and South Africa's World Cup teams.
In addition, they also supply the kit for

  • the Nottingham Puppies, feeder team to the Nottingham Bulldogs
  • Nottingham Bulldogs (see below)
  • Ipswich
  • Stumps of Villa Park
  • Cradley Cheetahs
  • the East Midland Meerkatz, and
  • the Derby Cobras.

Shown below are some examples of these kits - the other National uniforms will be shown as soon as we get pics from the respective National bodies.

These exact kits will soon be available for online purchase from the Bulldog Sports site. Advance orders can be emailed to me here, and as soon as the online store is operating I will email you back with directions on how to get there.

Kit for the Nottingham Bulldogs - as if you couldn't tell :-)



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