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World Cup 2000 - Match Reports

Round Robin (Qualifying) Rounds

Round 5
Men - Australia vs India

Well, looks like my results aren't going to come through again tonight. Ah, the modern communication age ... aint it wonderful?
Anyway, if Action do tonight as they did last night, they should have the results on their site within a few hours of the finish of the last game (approx 8 am Eastern Summer Time [Australia] ).
The ever-reliable Canberra Rockets site will definitely have results of the Australian Men's game on their page, by very early EST[Australia], and I know they're endeavouring to have other results too.
Check out the British Indoor Cricket Association's site too - they definitely have results of all games, and they too post them as soon as they possibly can.
Ours should be up by early morning EST too, but that depends on factors totally out of our hands - somewhere amongst the above sites you should be covered if we can't get our results up early enough for you.

Again, sorry for these glitches, but internationally things are looking up re: results being published nice and early, so it's not all bad ;-) We are still hopeful for a return to as-it-happens results (dare we aim for progressive scores?) for the finals, but unfortunately we can't promise anything - it really is a night-by-night situation .... but please, do check tomorrow too .... things just might fall back into place again :-)

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