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World Cup 2000

24th September, 2000

Interest building, a puzzling decision, and some see the slightest little glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel.

Well, virtually on the eve of Indoor Cricket's premiere event, there's plenty of off-court events to keep us interested.

When it was revealed the highly credentialled Brad Zeller, incumbent Coach of the Australian Women's team, had withdrawn from the position, a few eyebrows were raised around the world. Some of those eyebrows reportedly went through the roof when Brad's replacement was revealed. However, as noted by both the New Zealand women's coach and the England women's coach (see below), the Aussie girls are a very, very strong side, and just who coaches them may not be an issue ... unless things don't go to plan. It's true that a coach can really show his/her worth when something out of the ordinary occurs, and it would appear that plans are already being hatched amongst a few teams to provide "something out of the ordinary". Ross Collins (the new Australian women's coach) might have an interesting baptism into International coaching duties - but what new coach wouldn't like to have the Australian women's team behind them, and someone as experienced as Dave Lewis (Australian men's coach) to call on for advice?
Of course, the Australian management are no doubt counting on Brad's withdrawal not having too negative an effect on the team. As long as the rumours about the "real" reason for Brad's withdrawal aren't true,
this may not be too big an issue.

Despite all these goings-on, the other nations will still have to come up with something pretty special to seriously threaten the Australian women . . . . it will be fascinating to see if they can.

17th September
New Zealand Women's coach regrets Brad Zeller's withdrawal - and throws down gauntlet to Australia
Indoor Cricket World is pleased to present the following comments, from Tai Walters, the New Zealand Women's World Cup squad coach, on Brad Zeller's withdrawal -

"It is a shame for Brad that he has had to withdraw from this World Cup. His replacement, whilst mature and worldly, will I believe not carry the impetus that Brad has. Let's not be hasty though, as Australia are a team against which all others benchmark themselves. Brad and I have enjoyed Over 30's Test battles, and as coaches battled through the previous World Cup. I have been looking forward to rekindling our battles, and in beating a full strength Australian Women's Team. The New Zealand Team is prepared for the World Cup, looking forward to competing hard and bringing home the World Cup".

England Ladies Coach comments on Australian coach withdrawal.
Asked by Indoor Cricket World for his comments on the withdrawal of the Australian Ladies Coach, Brad Zeller, the English Ladies Coach, Alan Hughes said "It won't help their preparation, but Australia are so strong on paper that it shouldn't affect them too much. Brad was a superb coach but at the end of the day they could be led by Snoopy and still have a chance. Where it might tell is if things don't go according to plan in South Africa as the new Coach won't have Brad's experience. And we will be making every effort to ensure that happens"

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