World Cup


World Cup 2000

18th October
Action's site upgrades its updates
- results available at end of night's play.

Well, that's not the only change to their site overnight, but we'll just concentrate on the one that really benefits indoor cricket fans all around the world. That at least is what Indoor Cricket World is ultimately concerned with.

The results for last night's games were available on Action's site the same night they occured. An immense and widely welcomed improvement over what the situation has been up until now. We could follow examples set by others and ignore this development, but our main concern is helping fans around the world keep informed. By reporting this improvement in the information being made available promptly, we are remaining true to that goal.

We've have had a little bit of mail already enquiring about the other change (it's how we found about it). We think it's minor, we know it's petty, and we'll live with it. It's certainly not a problem for us, but thanks anyway for your expressions of concern and support :-)

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