World Cup


World Cup 2000

16th October

For the first time ever in International competition, the Australian women's side has been beaten. The honour goes to South Africa, who beat Australia 115 to 98.

Those who read our World Cup News Desk may remember our call that there may now (then) be a glimmer of hope for the other teams when news of the Australian women's coach change was reported. This is in absolutely no way detracting from South Africa's achievement - as I wrote earlier, it would still require something very special to beat Australia, and South Africa provided that without a doubt. They deserve and get the highest praise and congratulations from all of us here.

There is perhaps a by-line to this too. The Australian women are a very dedicated, professional mob. Indeed, we hear they have been a tad critical of the Australian men for not being as professional as they believe you need to be in such a competition as the World Cup. They take their game seriously. One trusts and hopes the Australian 'authorities' share that attitude - the decision to not send a manager for each of the Australian teams (as most, if not all, the other nations have), and the ructions reported from some quarters re: the women's coaching position, could both have happened for a myriad of reasons. Australian supporters would trust neither of these are symptoms of complacency in the upper echelons of the sport. The players and the sport deserve much, much more than that.

Congratulations once again to South Africa. A new, previously un-faced facet of Australia's professionalism is about to be explored, and a new, un-faced reputation and expectation has taken up position on the South African's shoulders. Let's hope both teams manage to handle the new experiences with style.

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