World Cup


World Cup 2000

15th October

Well, the World Cup has finally started. But no live-video from South Africa we're afraid. And it appears, no live score updates either.

Indeed, as the night has progressed many people have been in touch, informing us we're the only source of up-to-the-minute results. We will continue to provide as many results as we can, as soon as they happen, for the whole of the World Cup . . . dependant on our sources in South Africa keeping the stream of information flowing of course. What the other sites do is their concern - we have enough trouble managing our site :-)

So, if you want to add to the quality and volume of information we receive, please don't hesitate to contact us. We intend writing up detailed match reports sometime after the games, but will continue to try to provide up-to-the-minute match results. Any information is welcome, even some time after the games - after all, information of interest can be added at any time.

And if you're dissatisfied with the "coverage" from sources you were relying on, do them a favour and let them know - a little bit of pressure in the right direction can only benefit the whole promotion of indoor cricket. After all, if we can do it (unpaid, no paid advertising etc etc), then anyone can .... I guess :-)

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