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World Cup 2000

11th Sept, 2000
Australian Women's Coach withdraws -
"Surprise" replacement named

Brad Zeller, the Coach of the Australian Women's World Cup team, has withdrawn from the position. In what has been described by some to be a very big surprise, the Australian Indoor Cricket Federation has named Ross Collins as Brad's replacement.
Brad has had extensive experience as coach and player at the international level. However, it is unclear at this stage what parallel experience Ross Collins brings to the position - the AICF lists no "games played (coached)" for State/Territory or Australia alongside Ross Collins' name. An oversight perhaps? ... Economic rationalism? ... Or perhaps a brilliant strategical move? Time may well tell the tale..

Alan Hughes, the England Ladies Coach, was asked for his reaction to the news. He said "It won't help their preparation, but Australia are so strong on paper that it shouldn't affect them too much. Brad was a superb coach but at the end of the day they could be led by Snoopy and still have a chance. Where it might tell is if things don't go according to plan in South Africa as the new Coach won't have Brad's experience. And we will be making every effort to ensure that happens"

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