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World Cup 2000

11th Sept, 2000
Combined South African / Indian under 23 side to replace Pakistan
"development" tour turns into World Cup participation

Following the unfortunate withdrawal of the Pakistan World Cup side, organisers were faced with a quandry - the schedule for Cup games had already been drawn up, including Pakistan's involvement. To simply remove Pakistan from the schedule would have resulted in teams having 'byes' when they were scheduled to play Pakistan.

The decision has therefore been made to combine six South African under 23 players with the six Indian under 23 players in South Africa as part of a development programme. This combined team will simply play those games originally scheduled for Pakistan. It will be known as the MTN World Cup Development Team - we're just going to refer to them as MTN.

While no-one would seriously suggest MTN will have a realistic chance of upsetting the more fancied nations, it is a fantastic addition to the Indian development programme. It will also give some of the up-and-coming South Africans and Indians a chance to strut their stuff on the ultimate Indoor Cricket stage, the World Cup. As unfortunate as Pakistan's withdrawal is, it may yet prove to be an opportune development in a couple of younger players' indoor cricketing careers.

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