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World Cup 2000 - South Africa
World Cup 2002 - New Zealand

Welcome to the World Cup of the most
inclusive form of the game of Cricket:

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AUSTRALIA Win 2000 Women's World Cup
Match reports here

AUSTRALIA Win 2000 Men's World Cup
Match reports here

The regular live updates of semi-finals, play-offs and Grand Final games have
all been posted, but can still be found by following the link from any particular
game on the Results page.

Thanks to Toddy and Richard from Bulldog Sport for their help too - they were our contacts in South Africa, and our communication with them kept us fully updated on the games as they progressed. This in turn allowed us to provide the only live updates of World Cup games available to you our readers.

We have decided to leave all the World Cup pages intact and online, and will note here the additional pages we intend writing soon - related news, photos as they become available, discussion on the Cup's coverage (including a selection of our visitors' views, opinions and suggestions), and other World Cup matters.

To the huge number of visitors to these pages from NEW ZEALAND, we hope we've managed to keep your interest fed. The interest from New Zealand bodes well for the game's development there - and we'd love to hear from more of you. Please, drop us a line here.
NEWS UPDATE: It has just been confirmed that the next World Cup will be held in New Zealand. For all the NZ fans who have shown their support through these pages, that is great news indeed. Indoor Cricket World will be booking our airfares to New Zealand tomorrow :-)

To those visitors from elsewhere around the globe we extend the same hope and invitation - especially all you folks originating on servers in the UNITED STATES. Don't be shy - we'd love to hear from you too, so email us please.

And for all the other visitors from all the other countries, please join the party. Email us and share your thoughts too. We'd especially love to hear from those visitors from Japan, the Philipines, Germany, France, Uruguay, Turkey, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Canada and Romania, to name a few. And of course, more mail from South Africa, Australia and the United Kingdom is always welcome.

But for now, back to the Cup . . . .

The Indoor Cricket World Cup 2000, in South Africa, is at the Semi-Final stage. We have managed to re-establish regular, live score updates of Semi's and will be providing the same service for the remaining Finals matches. Indoor Cricket World is also providing points tables and match reports (subject to availability of course - the way things have been going in South Africa, nothing is guaranteed I'm afraid :-). Included in each of the Nations' information, we have, where available, team lists and profiles (including photos of the New Zealand players). We will soon be featuring selected photographs from the World Cup too. Our "Postcards From South Africa" will regularly provide a slightly alternative view of the goings-on in South Africa (and anywhere else indoor cricket is played), and we also show some of the official team uniforms and all the World Cup merchandise (including information on the online buying of same).

To a great many people's disappointment, the live-streaming video from Action Cricket's site in South Africa hasn't eventuated, for reason so far unknown. It appears unlikely it will happen now, despite a rather hopeful note on the Action site.

The British Indoor Cricket Association site does have video interviews with Team England players and officials, plus Team England match reports, Team England tour diary, and results of all matches - not just those involving Team England. We have been informed that BICA staff have now recorded a whole new range of video interviews of different team's personnel - including some of the oft-ignored umpires. Good to see. These video interviews will be available on the BICA site in the near future.
The Canberra Rockets site has reports and results for the Australian sides, posted virtually as they happen. Insights into games and news on the Australian teams too.
The Australian Indoor Cricket Federation site does have results (though they only show results of games Australia are involved in, which for a national organisation is a very blinkered view, in our opinion, and is selling Australian fans short). They are also very, very late posting them - here's hoping that aspect improves quickly. Strangely though, the Australian teams' tour diary is up to date, and does mention results of games Australia played. .. and since writing the above, the AICF site has indeed improved the promptness of posting results - the last round of results were up in time for Australians to check out first thing in the morning (Australian time). A huge and welcome improvement :-)
The Postcards From South Africa are also worth a look ... yeah, okay, it's one of our pages, but we like it and think it deserves mentioning again.

But back to the World Cup - this is the third time this event has been held - previous World Cups were held in the United Kingdom (1995) and Australia (1998). The cup is contested by both Men and Women, and Australia have won all previous World Cups in both the Men and Women's division. However, the rest of the world is fast catching up, and this year's competition promises to be the closest yet. How close remains to be seen of course, but we certainly won't be surprised if Australia don't have it all their own way. The main contenders? We tip South Africa and New Zealand to be in there with a real chance, with England perhaps being the dark-horse of the competition. And as noted in the first "Postcard From South Africa" from our esteemed columnist, Pakistan and India are tipped to provide at least some difficult moments for opposing batsmen (unfortunately, it was announced on October 9th that Pakistan have had to withdraw). All in all, a great contest beckons.

Indoor Cricket World Cup Trophy

We are still updating each of the nations' pages. All submissions welcomed.

For the latest breaking World Cup news, go to the World Cup NewsDesk, or check on each individual participating Nation's page - follow the links on the Navigation Bar to the left.

The apology below has been on our site now for long enough now, but we're going to leave it there for reference. Those responsible for Action's website chose to remove the link they had to our site as a result of us mistakenly stating that a site other than Action was going to show video highlights of some World Cup games. As soon as we were informed of our mistake we retracted the statement and posted the apology below (it was originally in the top third of this page, in bold red text). The irony of the situation is that, despite the angst the suggestion that someone else would be showing videos caused, we are still waiting (as of November 11th) for the Action website's showing of them. And despite them removing the link to our site, we're maintaining a very healthy number of visitors thank you very much :-)

Important Note - yes folks, even we at Indoor Cricket World aren't perfect - we too can misunderstand things and consequently seriously misquote people. That is, we too can make honest (but nonetheless serious) mistakes. For our misunderstanding and subsequently seriously misleading everyone re: BICA providing "selected video highlights of the World Cup", we apologise sincerely and without qualification. For any embarrassment and/or inconvenience to BICA, we also apologise sincerely and without qualification, and guarantee they (BICA) played absolutely no part in our mistake. And to any other parties caused any inconvenience whatsoever by our misunderstanding, we also apologise sincerely and without qualification. But not without explanation - it was an honest mistake, and has been honestly rectified.

Note - the above passage was originally placed in the top third of this page. It had been there for over 4 days before we moved it to this current position. Feedback indicates it has been read and considered by those it is most relevant to, but we thought we'd leave it for a while longer to maybe pick up anyone who might have not yet read and/or understood it. But we've shifted it as you can see :-)

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