World Cup


World Cup 2000

The Indoor Cricket World Cup 2000 starts in October this year, in South Africa. This is the third time this event has been held - previous World Cups were held in the United Kingdom (1995) and Australia (1998).


Dion Muir (Capt) - Queensland
Aaron Mills - Queensland
Craig Boal - Queensland
Cory Otto - Queensland
Jay Otto - Queensland
Scott Gardner - Queensland
Preston Hart - Australian Capital Territory
Bill Floros - Australian Capital Territory
Micheal George - South Australia
Paul Smith - South Australia - replacing Andrew Downs (Victoria) who withdrew
David Simpson - Victoria
Andrew Downs - Victoria - withdrawn
Greg Matthews - Western Australia

Standby players:

Paul Smith - South Australia - in squad after Andrew Downs withdrew
Jason Hays - Australian Capital Territory
Scott Johnson - Victoria
Martin Stirling - Tasmania

Coach - Dave Lewis
Sports Trainer - John Thomas


Diane Brown - Western Australia
Sally Cooper
Donna Dalby (Captain) - Queensland
Rennee Lee - Queensland
Julie Duncan - Queensland
Monique Ralph - Queensland
Di Howard - Queensland
Dulane Yohey
Monica Brogan - New South Wales
Theresa McGregor - New South Wales
Sam Dillon - New South Wales - withdrawn
Melita Campbell - New South Wales - replacing Sam Dillon
Naomi Maidment - South Australia

Coach - Ross Collins
Sports Trainer - Kelli Rebetzke

No player profiles available at this time.

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