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From humble beginnings in the late 1970's, indoor cricket has grown into a major sport in its own right. In Perth, Western Australia (where the game originated), the 1996 Sports Census showed indoor cricket to be the fifth most popular of all sports, in terms of total number of registered players, with 35% more registered players than men's cricket (outdoor). This participation rate is testament to how suitable indoor cricket is to players of both sexes, and all ages.

"Whilst the Second World War raged across the globe, the game of cricket was kept alive by servicemen and local people in a number of cricket loving countries".

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Indoor cricket is now played between National teams from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia and, more recently, India. Sri Lanka have also joined the international Indoor Cricket scene - the 2004 Indoor Cricket World Cup is planned for Colombo, Sri Lanka, while we have just experienced New Zealand's magnificent hosting of the 2002 World Cup

There is also an International Masters (Over-35's) Championship, which was inaugurated in Perth in 2001 (Australia, New Zealand, England and South Africa participated). Originally due to be played in South Africa in 2003, the World Indoor Cricket Federation decided at its latest meeting that the event will now be hosted in New Zealand. The tournament will also include a Womens Over-30's and Boys and Girls Under-19's World Championships. And the 2002 World Masters Games in Melbourne, Australia, included mens', womens' and mixed Indoor Cricket competitions.

And for those with an interest in both outdoor and indoor cricket, don't miss our list of players who have represented their country in both forms of the game.

But like Indoor Cricket itself, this site is not just about the elite players and their competitions. Those unfamiliar with the game will find all you need to know in the coming pages. From descriptions and explanations of the game, through the setting up of playing courts and playing equipment used, to basic game strategies, complete rules and tips for players and umpires. We also have interviews with established Indoor Cricket personalities, opinion forums (Soapbox and Guestbook), and a soon-to-be-announced range of Indoor Cricket merchandise. And in a world first, we are now selling VideoCD's of Western Australian Indoor Cricket Super-League games).


Mark Cini, NZ Captain. S.Africa vs New Zealand, Perth 2001

Those familiar with the game will find results and schedules of National and International matches, including the 2000 World Cup, played in South Africa, and the 2002 World Cup held in October in Wellington, New Zealand. There are also links to local centres, National and State bodies, and individual teams from around the world.
And even the experienced amongst us will find no harm in refreshing our familiarity with the rules.

In addition to the information delivered, the aim of these pages is to also give you what the game gives so many around the world - a whole lotta fun.


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