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If it's indoors, and it's in New Zealand, Action Indoor Sports Stadiums has it covered


World Indoor Cricket Federation President & New Zealand Indoor Cricket Executive Officer, Mark Cini, today announced the official Umpires for the tournament. "It's easy to concentrate on the parade of skilled players we'll be seeing and forget that we'll also be seeing six of the best umpires in the world" he said. "Five of the umpires officiated at last year's World Cup, and the sixth, Rene Robinson from South Africa, has been in great form for the South African Indoor Cricket Association".


The Umpires:

Mavis Hammon (NZ)

Jo Crocker (NZ)

Rene Robinson (South Africa)

Nepia Stewart (NZ)

Rob Dossett (NZ)

Robbie Bennett (NZ)

For a quick glimpse at some of last year's World Cup umpires, go here

Mark was also proud that, for the first time in a major international tournament, three women umpires would be officiating. "We saw Jo Crocker and Mavis Hammon do a fantastic job during last year's World Cup" he said, "and now we've got Rene joining the party. Add Nepia, Rob and Robbie, and we've got ourselves a superb team of umpires". Having seen Jo, Mavis, Nepia, Rob and Robbie in action at the World Cup last year, we have to agree.

Indoor Cricket World congratulates all the umpires on their selection, and wishes them all the very best of luck.

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