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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka burst onto the international Indoor Cricket scene with a Test victory over Australia in 2002.

They followed this up with a credible Third position at last year's Indoor Cricket World Cup. And all this from a country which has only been playing the game for a few years.

And now they're coming to Christchurch.

ark Cini, President of the World Indoor Cricket Federation, was excited about the development when he spoke to Indoor Cricket World today--
This is fantastic news for the tournament" he said. "Sri Lanka were a sensation at last year's World Cup, and we're ecstatic they're now going to be in Christchurch for the Masters".

Sri Lanka - Over 35 Men

The whole schedule and draw for the tournament has to be redone by Mark and his team, and we will publish the amendments here as soon as we receive them. We have also had to carry out significant renovations to Indoor Cricket World to accommodate Sri Lanka's inclusion.

We can only guess at the frantic behind-the-scenes efforts that have gone into gettng Sri Lanka to Christchurch, and once again the New Zealand organisers are to be congratulated for enabling this significant development to occur.

Sri Lanka were a sensation at the Indoor Cricket World Cup. Many considered them unlucky to lose one particular match against New Zealand, although we feel that their finishing in 3rd place was about right.

As for their Over 35 Men, well, going on what we saw in Wellington last year, we suspect they may once again be a pretty good chance for a top-three finish. However, with only one player with World Cup experience (Lyndon Hannibal), the remainder of their squad is an unknown quantity as far as their experinece of top-level competition. Lyndon was one of the stars of the World Cup, so he brings a wealth of recent experience, but at the moment we know nothing about the others in the squad.

Of course, similar sentiments were being expressed just before last year's World Cup . . . . we'll stick with our top-three prediction. Now, who are the two teams who are going to finish below Sri Lanka ? ?




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