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International Under 19's 2003

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South Africa

South Africa have entered teams in all divisions. We expect them to be strong competitors in all, and they should go very close to featuring in at least 2 finals (probably their Over 30 Women and Under 19 Women).

Although they won only one game in the 2001 World Masters, we expect the South African Over 35 Men to do better this time. . . but we still think a New Zealand vs Australia final is the most likely result ... probably ... perhaps ..... maybe . . ..

SAICA President:
Eddie Fourie
SAICA Vice President Marketing:
Jacques Du Preez
Touring Manager:
Winston Naidoo
Sports Trainer:
Priscilla Martin
Tour Manager/Umpire:
Rene Robinson
Anita Cocklin
Charles Cocklin
Jacintha Padayachy
David Herbst
Rene Robinson

Over 30 Women
Over 35 Men
Under 19 Girls
Under 19 Boys

South Africa will continue with the traditional strength in their Women's sides--and we predict both their Over 30 Women and Under 19 Girls to do particularly well. . . probably well enough to make both finals.

Their Under 19 Boys side is, as with all others, an unknown quantity, and this too should prove to be a particularly hard fought and close competition. We think New Zealand and Australia are the most probable finalists in this division, but won't be at all surprised if South Africa knock one of these two into third place.



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