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International Under 19's 2003

Blast from the Past

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New Zealand

New Zealand have entered teams in all divisions, and we expect them to fight out at least two finals (Over 35 Men and Under 19 Boys). But don't be suprised if they feature in more (or all) finals.

Over 30 Women
Over 35 Men
Under 19 Girls
Under 19 Boys

In Perth in 2003, the New Zealand Men felt they seriously under-achieved when they failed to make the Final, losing the Qualifying Final to England. This is their chance to exorcise that feeling.

Depsite South Africa's almost guaranteed improvement on last time, we still feel it'll be a New Zealand vs Australia final in the Men's competition.

In the Women and Under 19 divisions, we expect all teams to be highly competitive. Being the inaugural tournament for these divisions, comparative ratings of the teams is almost impossible, but we expect New Zealand to do best in the Under 19 Boys. However, the prospect of a NZ team in each final is a real one.




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