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If it's indoors, and it's in New Zealand, Action Indoor Sports Stadiums has it covered


With Sri Lanka's late inclusion in the tournament, the draw had to be drastically revamped after it had already been distributed to all participating nations. The draw published here supercedes all previous versions.

Qualifying Rounds.
his draw has every team playing every other team in its division twice.
This means each of the Women and Under 19 Boys and Girls teams will play 4 games before the finals.
For the Over 35 Men however, it's a slightly different story: with 5 teams competing in this division, and each team playing each other twice, each Men's team will play 8 games before the finals. This adds another dimension to the Men's competition--the effective rotation of players through this gruelling schedule could ultimately be a major factor in the overall results.

Finals Format.
The finals format for all divisions is the same: the team that finishes the qualifying rounds in first place goes straight into the Grand Final. The second and third team (after qualifying rounds) play each other in the Semi-Final, the winner going through to the Grand Final.
While this means each of the Womens and Under 19 teams will at least make the semi-finals regardless of how they fare in the qualifying rounds, once again it's a different story for the Over 35 Men. Two teams in that division will not make the finals.

The official draw for the 2003 Indoor Cricket World Masters and Junior International --

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