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Runners-up to Australia in the 2001 World Masters, England are keen to show that effort wasn't a fluke.


The England touring party (asterix indicates players/officials who toured to Perth for the 2001 Masters):

1. Paul Walter - Captain - Derby Cobras
2. Arshad Mughal - Midland Rebels
3. Ian Lindsey * - Derby Cobras
4. Bob Manca * - Stumps Birmingham
5. Alan Hughes - Midland Rebels
6. Glen Willis * - Wilford Wolves Nottingham
7. Tony Rock * - Midland Rebels
8. Harjeet Bhambra * - Stumps Birmingham
9. Mike Barnatt * - Midland Rebels
10. Nigel Parmenter - Ipswich Warlocks
11. Stuart Kenney * - Midland Rebels
12. Simon Fielding * - Ipswich Warlocks

Team Manager - Bob Manca * - Stumps Birmingham
Assistant Team Manager - Marlon Bristol * - Midland Rebels

There are quite a number of players who toured in 2001 who are not touring this time, perhaps most notably Andy Walton and Naheem Sajjad. Others absent this time are Peter Fairhall, Paul Lynn, Paul Bassett, Ashley Lawrence, Barry McCormick, Adrian Smith and Trevor West.

Marlon Bristol, who played in 2001, is listed as Assistant Team Manager this trip.

Sad to also see that Rick Smith and Wayne Merrin won't be in the touring party this time . . . nor Alison McCormick, who provided us with lots of photos of the England party last time.


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