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World Masters/U-19's

South Africa

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Many people have for a very long time championed greater exposure for women's indoor cricket, ourselves included. We join all the supporters of women's indoor cricket in delight that the Over 30 Women have been included in this tournament.

This division is being fought out between the top three Indoor Cricket nations, and we believe it will turn out to be the closest competition of the lot.

At first glance, and looking at past World Cup performances, an Australia vs South Africa final would seem to be on the cards. However . . . on their home soil, New Zealand teams have shown they are capable of great things.

So we think the final standings in this division may be decided by the slimmest of margins. And once in the Grand Final, we expect any one of these teams to be capable of winning over any of the others. This really could turn out to be the most keenly fought division of them all.

Unfortunately, our predictions about this being the closest of the competitions was a tad off the mark.


Australian didn't lose a game and lost only three skins, pretty well dominating the group.

New Zealand played very well in patches, taking three skins from the Australians and easily made the final, but couldn't quite threaten the very strong Australian side when it counted.

South Africa were very disappointed with their results, losing all games and not winning a skin, but should be the stronger for it in two year's time--and on home soil too.


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