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World Cup 2002

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Once again, a new schedule has had to be drawn up. Unfortunately, and to the organisers' great disappointment, the original six men and six women's teams are not all now attending.

We at Indoor Cricket World have long championed the cause of women's cricket in particular, so it is even more disappointing to see the England and South African Women's teams not competing. We trust the World Indoor Cricket Federation is casting a close eye over the circumstances of their absences, and we have been promised comment from that federation at the conclusion of the Cup on those and other matters. Stay tuned.

However, this is still the Indoor Cricket World Cup, and as such I'm positive indoor cricket fans are going to be highly impressed at the level their sport has risen to. And for those lucky enough to be living in New Zealand, the television coverage is unprecedented, and you are the envy of fans and players around the world.

So, back to the schedule.

Here is the final draw for the 2002 Indoor Cricket World Cup.

Please note: this draw is subject to confirmation of the Indian teams' arrival times.

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