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World Cup 2002

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25 July 2002-New Zealand World Cup teams announced.

The NZ Mens Team

The NZ Womens Team


The New Zealand Men lost only 2 games in the 2000 World Cup. Both were against Australia--one in the qualifying round, and the other in the Grand Final.

They beat South Africa by one run, and England by 20. Not hugely convincing, but wins all the same.

On that form, New Zealand are rightful second favourites for this coming World Cup. Add their home advantage, and their position looks even stronger.

But strong enough to stave off the South African challenge, if the South Africans do indeed attend?


Strong enough to keep the newcomers India and Sri Lanka at bay?

Almost certainly.

Strong enough to seriously challenge Australia?


As for the New Zealand Women, it looks like they are still a fair way behind Australia and, to a lesser extent, South Africa. A solid third place would be a great result for them, although a higher finish is certainly not out of the question. And if South Africa do not attend, a top-two finish becomes a distinct possibility.

Don't be surprised to see a New Zealand team in both Grand Finals. Isn't that a delicious prospect for the home-town fans?




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