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World Cup 2002

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South Africa censured by World Indoor Cricket Federation

At a meeting in Wellington during the World Cup, the World Indoor Cricket Federation relieved the South African Indoor Cricket Association of the hosting rights for next year's World Masters and International Juniors series. In a letter to all Australian team members, the AICF explained the situation (letter reproduced with kind permission of the Australian Indoor Cricket Federation):

Dear Team Member,

re: 2003 World Masters Series and Junior International

Please be advised that due to exceptional circumstances the above series has been withdrawn from South Africa and awarded to New Zealand.

This action was taken by the World Indoor Cricket Federation (WICF) for the following 2 primary reasons;

1. The failure of South Africa to properly administer and fund the participation of their 2 open Men's and Women's Teams into this year's Indoor Cricket World Cup. These gross failures have now lead to the NON-participation of South Africa in the 2002 Indoor Cricket World Cup.

2. Due to the above situation the WICF have lost complete faith in the ability of South Africa to host such an important international event as the 2003 World Masters Series and Junior International. The WICF sincerely believe they cannot take the enormous risk of allowing players, coaches and officials from all over the world to travel to South Africa at great personal expense without complete confidence in knowing that the event will be run to acceptable international standards.

The event will now be held in New Zealand, most likely over the same dates as it was scheduled to be run in South Africa. The venue in New Zealand and the exact dates will be determined within the next 3 weeks. Once the AICF receive confirmation from New Zealand on venue(s) and dates this information will be immediately forwarded on to you.

Obviously the budget for the event will now change and so therefore will the player and official's levy. However we will not be in a position to advise you of the new levies until the exact venue and dates have been decided and confirmed by New Zealand.

The AICF appreciate that this decision by the WICF may have enormous consequences for all team members. However the recent administrative failures of South Africa could not be ignored and have resulted in a complete lack of faith in the South African administration of indoor cricket. The WICF (and the AICF) are no longer are of the belief that South Africa could deliver to all players and officials from around the world a first class sporting event.

The AICF support the decision of the WICF, despite how difficult the decision was to make. Further the WICF and the AICF believe that New Zealand does have the ability to host a first class international sporting event and this option will provide the best results for all concerned.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the AICF office. As soon as we are able to provide new information on the event from New Zealand we will as previously stated immediately forward this on to you.

In closing despite the very late change in venue and travel plans the AICF ask that this does in no way distract you from the bigger picture of representing Australia proudly and winning these respective prestigious International events.

Yours sincerely,

Karen Denman

National Executive Director

Copyright 2002 Australian Indoor Cricket Federation. Reproduced with permission.


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