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World Cup 2002

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Australia Men
Australia Women

An Australian team has never lost a World Cup.
Their dominance of Indoor Cricket at this level has been almost complete.


In 2000, South Africa inflicted the first defeat in a World Cup match on the Australian Women.
In the same tournament, the South African Men went within one run of defeating Australia (in the match which determined who was going to progress to the Grand Final).

Since then, the Australian Men were defeated in some lead-up games in their recent tour of New Zealand, and perhaps more notably, were defeated in one Test by newcomers Sri Lanka.

The Australian Womens coach, Brad Zeller, is back, which is good news for the Aussie Women. Brad wasn't in South Africa in 2000, so the Aussie Women have still not lost a match under his direction, a record we're sure Brad is keen to protect.

The situation for the Australian Men is a bit more complicated.

Australia's long-term Mens coach, Dave Lewis, retired immediately after the 2000 World Cup, leading to the appointment of Ross Gregory. Ross has been involved in the game almost since its inception, and has had a long and illustrious career wearing the Blue and White of many Victorian State sides, but this is his first World Cup campaign as coach. Some see this as their best chance ever to challenge the Australian Men.



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