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Rules of Engagement

Welcome to the rules for our Soapbox. We'll be putting up some articles in the near future, and the invitation is out for readers to do the same - or just send in comments on what we've written. We would prefer to receive full articles, but will publish short comments.

The rules for the Soapbox are simple - we make all the decisions about what is published. To make our decisions in this a whole lot easier, here are some principles you might like to consider when preparing your submissions -

  • No libel. No slander. In other words, no personal attacks on any identified, or easily identifiable, individual. Now this doesn't mean we have to pussy-foot around issues either (no need to prevaricate around the bush here) - it just means we're going to be responsible and dole out a little natural justice to people whose names might just pop up every now and again. And anyway, there's enough going on which doesn't require the naming of individuals to keep even the most prolific of you amused for ages.
  • No representing rumour as fact. If you've heard a rumour, state it as a rumour. But if you stumble across some interesting facts, well ...... :-)
  • No obscenities. We'll only cut them out before we publish your work, so don't bother. And if we have to cut too many instances out of a particular article, we'll probably just give up and trash the lot.
  • Humour - while not compulsory, a little humour will go a long way toward getting your work published. This should please a few who regularly email Indoor Cricket World ... and no, we won't mention their names unless they don't immediately start sending in submissions.
  • And finally, don't take yourself too seriously. Nothing bores the tits off of readers more than pompous, self-important ego-trippers ... and anyway, it's our page, so that's our privilege, and ours alone .....

By insisting on the above conditions, we believe we have removed the need for contributors to identify themselves in any way (unless of course they want to). We are dealing with ideas, observations and opinions, and anonymity makes each of these no less valid than any. The contributor who goes under the name of Ned Kelly in our Postcards From South Africa operates quite comfortably under this system.

Unless marked or clearly identified as otherwise, all images and photographs are the original work of the author, who retains copyright and ownership. For enquiries on the use and/or purchase of photographs, please contact us. Textual content is also the original work of the author (unless marked or identified as otherwise) and subject to copyright and the author's ownership. Please Contact Us for information on use of any content of these pages.

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