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Welcome to the soapbox. This is our (yours and mine) chance to ask a few questions, ruffle a few feathers, and hopefully contribute a little toward the basic goal of this site - the promotion of Indoor Cricket. However, here's a thing .. .. .. in October of the year 2000 we wrote the "Frisbee, Korfball and the World Indoor Cricket Federation" article below. And guess what . . . here we are in 2011, and nothing's changed . . . . .

When Indoor Cricket in Australia was controlled by the Australian Indoor Cricket Federation, we here at Indoor Cricket World were very critical of many aspects of their control, mainly their level of promotion of the sport. We also gave praise and support where we felt it was warranted, which was often. However, since Cricket Australia have taken over, we have been receiving a steadily increasing torrent of complaints from some very notable people within the Indoor Cricket world . . . there is a persisting complaint that not only is the Indoor Cricket related content of the Cricket Australia site embarrassingly weak, they've already let their PR idiots loose on the sport. Twenty20 format for Indoor Cricket? You have got to be kidding!!!. Indoor Cricket does not need some PR/marketing twit to come in and buggerise around with it to make it interesting--it already is!!!

What next, Tony Greig's "official" CA-sanctioned exclusive Indoor Cricket merchandise? Best of seven games finals? Naming rights for the game itself ("KFCricket, the indoor alternative", or "Big MaCricket?"). Is there a smiley for "gag gag gag"?

We are surprised at the number of complaints we have received concerning Cricket Australia. In the opinion of many, Cricket Australia is making it increasingly obvious that they are more concerned with making money than truly progressing the sport (how many years did it take them to bring the Sheffield Shield out from behind the cash-wrapped milk cartons?), and there is a swelling body of opinion that they should bugger off and leave Indoor Cricket alone. OR, and this is perhaps a tad more constructive, others are suggesting they should perhaps listen to a variety of people who have been involved in Indoor Cricket for a long time (and no, we don't mean only talk to all the centre owners--they of course must be included, but there are others with a lot to contribute . . . if only they're asked). The view from ivory towers is invariably distorted, as is the advice of vested-interests. We here at Indoor Cricket World will seek more information before we decide which side of that particular fence we'll graze on (bugger off or consult). And although we may not be able to make all of that information public (there is at the moment a noticeable reluctance for folk to be directly quoted, which of course we will always respect), we will, as ever, share as much as we can. We hope this reluctance is just a little dose of paranoia and is unwarranted . . . . hmmm, we'll see. In the meantime . . . .

We've left the original page and links to our original articles for old times' sake, but be assured we have several new articles underway (June 2011). And yes, we will still consider readers' articles for publication here if you send them in . . . so come on down. . .

Just a reminder for future contributors, here are the rules of engagement for the Soapbox. A minute spent reading them may save you a lot of time later.

Articles from the vault:

So, what will we be writing and/or receiving articles on in the near future?

The lack of promotion of the game. Once you read the "Frisbee, Korfball, and the World Indoor Cricket Federation" article, you'll understand why we're sitting on further articles on the promotion of the game. There's heaps more to be said and done, but for the time being we'll wait and see what develops out of the meeting in South Africa.

The Masters World Cup. There are some who reckon it would demean the World Cup if the Masters World Cup was held at the same time as "the" World Cup. Then there are those, like ICW, who think an enormous marketing possibility and stimulus for growth is being ignored by not having them together.

A "Colt's" World Cup. Speaking of stimulus for growth - this is an excellent suggestion from one of our many New Zealand visitors. We'll be exploring this idea, and publishing our New Zealand contact's thoughts and rationale, in the very near future. The inclusion of the MTN World Cup Development team in the current World Cup could possibly provide the impetus for further consideration of this idea.

We have a couple of other soapboxes which we'll eventually drag out, but for the time being we will concentrate on those above. Readers on the other hand can dust off their own soapboxes and have published articles on whatever they feel passionate about.

So get stirred up and start thinking folks, and send them in to the email address in the Contact link at the top of this page....


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