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October/November 2011

New Zealand has won the right to host the 2014 Indoor Cricket World Cup.

Indoor Cricket New Zealand chief executive Mark Cini is reported to be pitching for Christchurch to be the host city, although a final decision has yet to be made. For those who've not experienced an international indoor cricket tournament in New Zealand under Mark's direction, you are in for a major treat!!!

Mark is an old friend of mine (and of Indoor Cricket World), and I'll be speaking to him very soon to get his thoughts first-hand, but while you're waiting, have a look back at two magnificent past tournaments in New Zealand, the 2002 Indoor Cricket World Cup in Wellington, and the 2003 Indoor Cricket World Masters and International 19 & Under tournament in Christchurch.

June 2011

Prompted into action by a query from an old friend Paul (see our Guestbook), we relaunched our search for all the backup Indoor Cricket World pages. And we finally found almost all of them . . . so . . . the links above to the 2000 Indoor Cricket World Cup and the 2001 Indoor Cricket World Masters (Perth) are alive again!! We also have a collection of indoor cricket photos on one of our sister sites HERE where we will soon be making photos available for purchase (including online Credit Card payment).

Please keep in mind, in 2000 and 2001 we were using film cameras, and uploading over an 14.4 kbit dial-up modem. By necessity, only tiny photos could be uploaded, so the old pages do look somewhat dated and . . . well . . . small. BUT . . .we think they more than hold their own against Cricket Australia's coverage of events. Imagine what we could do if we had a budget . . . . or a bit of financial support from some kindly benefactor . . . maybe one day . . On that particular note, please, if you notice an ad here that interests you, don't hesitate to click on it for more information . . . it is our only source of income until we sort out our paid advertising policy, and believe me, every little click helps.

February 2011

Okay, the big news is that the whole Indoor Cricket World site is, as of February 2011, undergoing a total review and updating of content.

The first task was retrieving and re-publishing our vast archive of photographs. After several months of scouring old discs/tapes and hard-drives, this task is now almost complete, with all our main galleries back online.

The other high priority task was ensuring all the articles linked-to in all the news headlines below were online. We are pleased to say that almost every article linked-to in the list below is now back online--for a peep into the last 10 years of our sport's history, have a wander through the articles below. Some fascinating stuff has occured over the past 10 years, and ICW has articles on much of it.

We are now working on our Links pages and are still gathering interviews (including the remaining installments of the current interview with Peter "Nifty" Neville). The whole of the site is also under review of course, but these are our current priorities.
We are also receiving much comment from around Australia on the current state of the sport's national administration, mainly the effects so far of Cricket Australia absorbing the old Australian Indoor Cricket Federation. We and others will be having a lot more to say about that over the next month or three, so please, keep the emails coming . . . and of course, there is always our Guestbook for comment.

MAY 21, 2009

21st May, 2009- New Domain for Indoor Cricket World up and running. Finally. Althought we're still missing a little bit of our past content, Indoor Cricket World is back. New content is on its way, and most of the old content is still here, so please bear with us over the next few weeks while we rebuild the biggest and best Indoor Cricket World site on the 'net. And with some huge changes to the administration of the game in Australia, we have some work to do :) . . . stay tuned. Oh . . . I forgot . . . it's great to be back!!!

6th August, 2006 - Australian National Masters tournament includes a team from South Africa for the first time, and it's all over for another year. Results on the AICF site, and photographs (and Print Sales) HERE. We don't usually report in any depth on domestic tournaments, and this is no exception, but South Africa were involved so it does take on an international flavour . . . and Indoor Cricket World photographed the event and has prints for sale, hence the big mention here :) One final word on this tournament . . . I still feel it is the most enjoyable from an umpire's/spectator's/player's perspective, so congratulation to everyone involved this time around--you have enhanced the tournament's reputation.

9th April, 2005 - Final Results:

Girls: Australia 96 def South Africa 79;
Boys: South Africa 130 def Australia 70;
Women: Australia won the five Tests 5 - nil;
Men: Australia 91 def New Zealand 67.

So Australia are world champions in the Men, Women and Girls, and South Africa are the new world champions in the Boys.
The South African Girls could not defend their title, although it looked like they were going to walk it in, and the Australian Boys couldn't defend theirs.
But the Australian Men and Women were pretty solid, although South Arican Women have made a huge improvement since New Zealand, and maintaining that rate of improvement is a must for them to be a challenge to Australia.
The Australian Men were again strong, but were challenged twice--once by New Zealand, once by South Africa.
South Africa Men have improved considerably since NZ, New Zealand Men appear to have retained their relative standing, and Sri Lanka appear to have slipped considerably since NZ. England Men appear to also have retained their relative standing.

9th April, 2005 - Okay, we said we weren't going to do this, but no one else is so here goes: Today is the day of the Grand Finals of the Masters World Series and 19 and Under Internationals. Not that you'd know it from any search of the internet. There is not one page on the internet with that announcement in print, until this sentence was penned. How bloody pathetic is that? Is this just one more example of our game's so called "official" level ignoring anything that occurs beyond their ivory towers? A good many of those of you who have contacted us over the past week certainly seem to think so. Anyway, this is what's happening today:
Reigning champions South Africa play Australia in the Girls, reigning champions Australia play South Africa in the Boys, and reigning champions Australia play New Zealand in the Mens. No announcement on the host's page about what's happening with the Womens comp--just two teams this time around, South Africa and Australia.
We can also tell you that in the Girls, South Africa are so far undefeated; in the Boys, South Africa were undefeated until the semi-final, when Australia beat them easily. South Africa then beat New Zealand for a place in the final. And in the Men, Australia are so far undefeated. We'll publish the results (scores only) as we get them later today.

10th October - A last minute push from Sri Lanka to finalise sponsorship for Indoor Cricket World's attendance at the World Cup in Sri Lanka failed, and we were therefore not able to take up the invitiation that was offered at the last World Cup in New Zealand. Our thanks to the sponsors we had lined up, especially the offer from NIKON for the use of the latest digital photographic gear, which would have allowed us to take our highly acclaimed photographs of each game and post them on Indoor Cricket World WHILE THE GAME WAS IN PROGRESS. If the invite we received at the last World Masters, to travel to South Africa and cover next year's World Masters and Under 19 International eventuates, that innovation will make its first appearance then. In the meantime, the World Cup is underway, with Sri Lanka Men drawing first blood. Results can be found on the Ceylon Indoor Cricket Association's website . Keep your eyes on this one folks, we think the "natural order", as evident in all previous World Cups, is on the verge of change. In New Zealand we saw a tiny, tantalising glimpse of what might be just over the horizon. . . is this the Cup where we'll see the big picture? We think so . . . more soon.

May 302004 - We are getting heaps of queries daily about the Australian Opens, so here are the Final Results (at least until the AICF site puts the results up properly)
May 2004 - In Colombo two years ago, Sri Lanka whitewashed England 3 nil, and in New Zealand in 2002, Sri Lanka relegated England to fourth place. So England had some scores to settle when they recently played host to the Sri Lankans. Reports, Results and Photographs here.....
September 2003 - by way of winning the inaugural WICF Challenger Cup held in Sri Lanka, the United Arab Emirates has qualified to participate in next year's Indoor Cricket World Cup, also to be held in Sri Lanka. This is fantastic news for the UAE and the organisers of the coming World Cup, and in terms of the sport's spread to the currently non-established indoor cricket playing nations, it is excellent news indeed.
September 2003 - The Australian Indoor Cricket Federation has published the itinery for the upcoming 2003 International Home Series, to be played in Australia between November 16th and 29th this year. The Series includes a Five-Test series Australia vs England, and a Three-Test series Australia vs New Zealand, plus International matches (non-Test) involving the Australian Juniors playing Australia, England and New Zealand. Details on the Australian Indoor Cricket Federation website HERE.
September 2003 - SRI LANKA defeat South Africa 3 - 2. Despite losing the first two Tests, Sri Lanka stormed home to take the last 3 Tests and the Series.
August 2003 - The Australian Indoor Cricket Federation has announced the establishment of a major sponsorhip deal (details on the AICF site HERE), and even the politicians have identified it as an opportunity to rub shoulders with the Great Unwashed--t
he Australian Federal Minister for the Arts and Sports, Senator Rod Kemp, is quoted on the AICF site giving a spiel about how great it is that the sport has secured sponsorship from a great Australian company. And for once we have to agree with one of those politician people--it is indeed a major coup for our sport. And even though this deal is restricted to Australia, if the sponsors, Donut King, perceive the deal to be of benefit to them, it may lead to other corporations following suit. Donut King has pledged $100,000 in a one-year deal, with two three-year options. Let's hope the benefits of this huge deal are soon evident across all levels of the sport in Australia.
August/September 2003 -
Indoor Cricket World's server was down for 11 days recently. We apologise for the absence, but unfortunately it was out of our control.
28th June 2003 - EXCLUSIVE: Interview with the world's most "capped" international player
26th April 2003 -
South Africa announced as hosts of the 2005 Masters and 19 & Under Junior International. At the Presentation Dinner for the 2003 World Masters and 19 & Under Junior International in Christchurch, New Zealand, World Indoor Cricket Federation President Mark Cini announced that the next holding of this tournament would be in 2 years time, and would be in South Africa--an announcement met with much acclaim. After the disappointment of having the 2003 event taken from them and awarded to New Zealand, the South African contingent were understandably ecstatic. The news was also greated with enthusiasm by all the other nations' players and officials present, and we all look forward to South Africa once again strutting their stuff in two years time.
April 2003 - South Africa win inaugural 19 & Under Girls Junior International.
In the recently completed World Masters and Junior International, South Africa beat hosts New Zealand to take the World 19 & Under Junior International title. Other winners were: 19 & Under Boys--Australia (defeating South Africa in the Grand Final); Over 30 Women--Australia (defeating New Zealand) and Over 35 Men--Australia (defeating New Zealand). All results and full photographic record of the tournament HERE
8th April 2003 -
Three women named in official Umpire list for World Masters
March 25 2003 - England
announces its squad for World Masters
March 17 2003 - Sri Lanka
a late entry to World Masters!!!
February 27 2003 -
South Africa announces its playing squads for World Masters
February 21 2003 -
New Zealand announces its playing squads for World Masters
February 4, 2003 -
New Zealand, Australia, England and South Africa confirm attendance at the World Masters.
January 30, 2003 - Australia names it full squad for World Masters/International Under 19s

December 2002 -
Indoor Cricket World is now the official website for the 2003 World Masters and Junior International in Christchurch, New Zealand.
November 2002 -
we have published the details of players who have represented their country in both outdoor and indoor cricket.
November 2002 - Record increase of visitors to Indoor Cricket World -
during the World Cup week, Indoor Cricket World attracted over 5,000 visitors, with nearly 29,000 page views. Excellent opportunities now exist for sponsors to take advantage of this in our upcoming coverage of the Masters and Under 19 World Championships.
November 2002 - Indoor Cricket World will be attending and providing up-to-the-minute coverage of coming World Masters and World Under 19's Championships from Christchurch, New Zealand. Details soon.
October 2002 - South Africa censured by World Indoor Cricket Federation members
6th Oct 2002 - Australia retain Men and Women's World Cups
1st Oct 2002 - World Cup underway--
all World Cup related news now on World Cup 2002 front page and World Cup 2002 Newsdesk
29th Sept 2002 - Umpire lists finalised. For the first time ever, two women will be officiating at an Indoor Cricket World Cup.
23rd Sept 2002 - Indoor Cricket World attending upcoming World Cup -
we will be providing daily (same-day) scores, match reports, interviews and photograph directly from Wellington, New Zealand.
9th Sept 2002 - South Africa withdraw from World Cup
30th Aug 2002 -
Sky Sport to telecast Indoor Cricket World Cup Grand Final live
30th Aug 2002 -
England Women withdraw from World Cup
25th July 2002 - New Zealand
announce their Mens and Womens World Cup Teams
25th July 2002 -
Results of the New Zealand South Island Championships and the Tri Series Championships
July 2002 - Ticketing arrangements for World Cup released
31st May 2002 - World Cup 2002 - Game Schedule
published on Indoor Cricket World
5th May 2002 -
Deadline approaching for the "biggest multi-sport festival on Earth" (including Indoor Cricket of course)
April 2002 - World Cup 2002
pages added to Indoor Cricket World site--participating countries finalised.
25th April 2002 -
Two new international tournaments, both to be held in India.
13th April 2002 - New website from South Africa, with all the latest news on South Africa's WORLD CUP bid.
13th April 2002 - Indoor Cricket Queensland launch new website.
7th March 2002 - Fourth and Final installment of Brad Zeller interview, including Brad's thoughts on the coming WORLD CUP.
2nd February 2002 - Sri Lankan tour a debacle?

3rd February 2002 - SRI LANKA DEFEAT AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!!
16th December 2001- NEW photographs of Grand Final Day, World Masters' Championships
15th December 2001 - Third installment of the Brad Zeller interview added.
8th December 2001 -
Second installment of Brad Zeller interview added.
November 2001 - Profile & interview with Brad Zeller, Australian Women's Coach.
8th November - Visitors' Photographs section added
October 2001 - World Cup 2004 to be held in Sri Lanka.
October 2001 - World Masters to next be held in South Africa in 2003.
29th October 2001 - Largest collection of non-digital photographs of Indoor Cricket being published on Indoor Cricket World over the next month
28th October 2001 - Indoor Cricket World proves how good a judge it is by predicting Australia's Grand Final score to within 4 runs, and England's to within 3 - in Sweepstake run by New Zealand players!!!
28th October 2001 - England lose crown. Australia new World Masters Champions
27th October 2001 - England and Australia win way into Grand Final
26th October 2001 - Australia go into finals undefeated, South Africa with just one win
21st October 2001 - Masters Test Series underway.
October 2001 - England, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia prepare for Masters Test Series.
October 2001 - Australia vs New Zealand. Trans Tasman Test series underway.
May 2001 - Promotion of the sport in Western Australia - Local television coverage arranged for current State League Super-League games.
May 2001 - Promotion of the sport in Australia - Is the AICF really supportive of the National Masters' Championship? Indications are that it is not.
April 2001
- Huge expansion of Indoor Cricket underway in India
Feb 2001 - Indoor Cricket "outdoors" in Karratha, Western Australia
30th Oct. 00 - Aaron Mills (Australia) - World Cup Player of the Series (Men)
29th Oct. 00 - World Cup 2000 Players of the Series - sorry, it's a secret.
28th Oct. 00 - Frisbee, Korfball, and the World Indoor Cricket Federation
22nd October 2000 - Australia wins both Men and Women's World Cup
15th October 2000 - World Cup begins .. live-video feeds fizzle out
10th October 2000 - Combined South African/Indian under 23 side to replace Pakistan
9th October 2000 - NEWS FLASH !!!! Pakistan have withdrawn from the World Cup
6th October 2000 - Arrangements finalised for publishing of World Cup match reports
5th October 2000 - "Postcards From South Africa" have begun arriving - be warned, they may not be quite what you think, but we think you'll enjoy them. Also, the "Soapbox" section is now up and running. Get your creative juices working and come on in.
3rd October 2000 - New Zealand player profiles available - including player photographs
3rd October 2000 - The Pakistan Indoor Cricket World Cup team posted.
1st October 2000 - The first public showing of the Team England World Cup 2000 uniforms, here on Indoor Cricket World.
30th Sept. 2000 - Arrangements finalised for daily scores/results to be posted on Indoor Cricket World, via the World Cup pages.
29th Sept. 2000 - Full schedules posted for Round-Robin and Finals
28th Sept. 2000 - South African Men and Women's teams posted
27th Sept. 2000 - Preliminary Games - full schedule posted
22nd Sept. 2000 - New Zealand Men's team added to NZ World Cup page
17th Sept. 2000 - New Zealand Women's coach comments on Brad Zeller's withdrawal
16th Sept. 2000 - New Zealand Women's team added to New Zealand World Cup Page
14th Sept. 2000 - Venues and dates for World Cup round-robin finalised. Participating teams still not yet finalised.
11th Sept. 2000 - Australian Women's coach withdraws - surprise replacement named
10th Sept. 2000 - Games schedules thrown into confusion as Zimbabwe withdraw
5th Sept. 2000 - Game schedules for World Cup available
4th Sept. 2000 - Full details of Australian teams posted
3rd Sept. 2000 - New pages added for each of the nations participating in the World Cup.
1st Sept, 2000
- Pakistan
confirmed for Indoor Cricket World Cup. Sri Lanka unfortunately not confirmed, and it appears they will not be competing. Confirmed teams are: Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, United Kingdom, India and South Africa. Go to World Cup page for further details.
30th Aug, 2000 -
Official launch of - Bulldogsport sponsoring Domain and Domain-hosting.
27th Aug, 2000 - Western Australian Super-League finals and trophy-night results

Featuring pdf copies of actual scoresheets
August 2000 - Indoor Cricket World was recently invited to be guest columnist on, one of India's largest on-line newspapers.
Read our published article

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