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29th October 2000
Winners of World Cup "Most Valuable Player" Awards Classified Information - Still!!
Longest vote count in history, or is it really a secret?

The official host of the recently completed Indoor Cricket World Cup, Action Cricket, have a website. On that website are results of the World Cup (not surprisingly - after all, the World Cup finished a week ago). Well, let me qualify that statement - on that website are some of the results of the World Cup.

Go to the page "devoted" (we use that word with extreme caution) to the "Player(s) of The Series" and you will find ...... a note telling you that "You are going to have to wait till the end of the Tournament for this information. It is classified". Quite frankly we wonder what tournament they are refering to? World Cup 2002 in New Zealand? In the meantime, is it too much to ask that an explanation for the delay is posted on the site?

Now, the fact that provision of live-streaming video didn't eventuate is just one of those things. It is a highly technical issue, and there are many things that can go wrong. As we have said before, no-one should ever be criticised for experiencing insurmountable technical difficulties, and in the case of the live-streaming video, we didn't. But come on, how technically difficult is it to publish on a website the names of the "Player(s) of The Series"? Does it really take a week (so far)?

If we had known this situation was going to arise, we would have made just one more call to our contacts in South Africa and ensured they got the names for us the night they were announced. We would have then published them that same night. Silly us, we assumed (without giving it enough thought obviously) the Action site would at least be able to do the same, so we didn't do it.

I don't know . . . . you keep giving people the benefit of the doubt, and they keep giving you reasons not to. But we'll continue to do so, even in the face of an increasing number of very compelling pointers to the folly of such concessions. So . . . . let's just hope that whatever the technical glitch, a solution is found very, very soon.

Despite our constantly pointing out the distinction between an organisation and that organisation's website, the very strong association between the two is made in the minds of almost every person who sees the website in question (an argument for organisations having total control over their website's content and management). They are one and the same thing in the eyes of most. Our contact with people from Action itself underlines the fact that they do care about the game, were extremely serious about running the World Cup professionally (a fact borne out by the players themselves - most who have contacted ICW report it was the best World Cup so far), and do care about the game beyond their own borders . . . but if our mail is any guide, the perception that no-one really cares is, unfortunately, beginning to gain a pretty substantial foothold. There is an obvious solution, but that is of course for Action to determine. Perceptions can be changed, even highly negative ones. There is also a point beyond which those perceptions solidify into "reality" - when solutions will be viewed as "too little, too late". For the status of future World Cups and, ultimately, the international, national and local status of the game, we hope that point has not yet been passed.

But it's getting closer every day . . .

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