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International Masters Test Series - Format

We've been hearing quite a bit of discussion amongst players and officials about the finals of the current series. Well, more to the point, about qualifying for the finals of the current series.

This series will see each Nation playing each of the others 3 times. In most other similar sporting competitions, these games would be called the "qualifying games". That is, qualifying for the finals. Not so in this tournament--each Nation qualified for the finals just by showing up.

Regardless of what happens in the preliminary games, all four Nations will be playing in the semi-finals.

We've heard support for this arrangement, and opposition. Here's a brief summary of what we've heard:

In favour of the current arrangement:

  • All teams have come a long way to Perth (it is rather a long way from anywhere else in the world) and deserve to be in the finals.
  • You get more games this way, and that's good for the spectators (we will resist asking the obvious question and/or making the obvious observation here . . . )
  • You get more finals games, and therefore more exciting and serious games

In favour of a different system:

  • Current system makes preliminary games less important than if a place in the finals had to be earned.
  • current system encourages teams to cruise to the finals. While we are not suggesting teams will do this, the system is such that there is strong incentive for teams to take it easy leading up to the finals. This could save wear-and-tear on players of course, and with each team playing 9 preliminary games over 6 days, that is definitely an issue. Of course, if each team only played each other twice, with the top two playing off for the title, wear-and-tear is addressed in a different way.

We're not really sure which is best, but talking to players the most common complaint was that they played too many games, especially considering all teams made the finals anyway. The extra games were therefore seen to be superfluous, increasing the risk of injury for no gain other than the playing of "extra" games.

Especially when dealing with "older" players, this is an issue that deserves consideration for future tournaments.

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