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9th October 2000
NEWS FLASH !!! Another Indoor Cricket World Scoop !!
At the last moment, Pakistan withdraws from World Cup
A most disappointing development

Today, the very day preliminary games for the 2000 World Cup began, Pakistan informed Cup organisers they could not join the competition. The withdrawal of Pakistan comes after considerable efforts by many in Pakistan, South Africa and around the world, and is met with much disappointment everywhere.

The reasons, outlined to the South African organisers today by Noushad Ahmed Khan of the Pakistan Indoor Cricket Union, are related to the Pakistan Government's failure to complete registration procedures for the Pakistan Indoor Cricket Union in time. Pakistani teams cannot travel abroad without this registration, and the registration process will not be completed for several more weeks.

Obviously this will alter the World Cup schedule. Alternatives are being urgently considered, and Indoor Cricket World has several people in South Africa making enquiries on our behalf. As soon as word on the "new" schedule is out, it will be reported in our News Desk and World Cup News sections.

It is to be hoped the other nations involved in the World Cup will continue to support Pakistan in their efforts to join the international competitions. We look forward to seeing Pakistan in the next Indoor Cricket World Cup.

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