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Sri Lanka to host the 2004 Indoor Cricket World Cup.

Indoor Cricket World has been informed that England has forfeited its right to host the 2004 World Cup. On the proviso that they are granted the 2006 Cup, England have allowed Sri Lanka to host it in 2004.

This is good news -- it is very important we have more countries join the World Cup competition. And having it played in Sri Lanka provides the sport there an excellent opportunity for exposure. If that exposure is skilfully managed, the sport has a good chance of gaining a foothold. But let's not forget, Brian Lara and Larry Gomes, for example, both played the game in the West Indies (Trinidad) .... once .... long ago .... when it had a foothold.

Efforts to get more countries to participate in the World Cup must not be to the exclusion of that which is vital for our sport: the encouragement and practical support/assistance for the establishment and sustained development of the sport at 'grass root' level in other countries.

The World Cup is a great spectacle, and the more teams, the better the spectacle.
The World Cup is also, sadly, an under-exploited showcase of one of the better sports around, but there are some signs that New Zealand may be going to positively rectify that . . . more on this later.
However, one thing is inescapable -- no matter how many countries play in it, the World Cup will die if we're all so busy watching it, we forget to pay any attention to the grass roots players who turn up week after week at their local centre.

This doesn't mean we shouldn't rejoice at Sri Lanka's inclusion. Of course we should, as we rejoiced at India's in the last World Cup. We should and we do, whole-heartedly.

But we should also be asking this question:
Are we, the Indoor Cricket "establishment", doing everything we can to help establish the sport in Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Canada, Singapore, the United States of America, the United Arab Emirates, the West Indies, Holland, Namibia or Zimbabwe (these are the countries from which we receive the most email enquiries)?

Or should we just leave it to chance, hoping some entrepreneurial souls will do the job for us?

Korfball anyone?

Women to join the World Masters in 2003

Despite (or because of ?) winning only one game at the recent World Masters in Perth, South Africa have keenly sought to have the next Masters played in South Africa. Indoor Cricket World understands that at a recent meeting in Perth, this wish was granted, and South Africa were officially granted the right to host it in 2003.

And included for the first time will be an over-30's Women's competition. This is great news for the Masters competition, and it's to be hoped it gains the full support of all participating nations.

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