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International Masters Test Series

Perth, Western Australia, birthplace of Indoor Cricket, is hosting an international Masters Test Series from October 21st to October 28th, 2001.

Results and match reports HERE, posted daily.

Recent articles on this series:

The last time an international Masters tournament was held (in England in 2000, between Australia, England and South Africa), England were victorious, with South Africa the runners-up. Since that time, England has, with some justification, proudly proclaimed itself the Masters World Champion. They have a chance to underline that claim in Perth.

The Tests will all be played at the Ballajura Indoor Sports Stadium. England are playing some warm-up games in NSW, including two at the Shellharbour Indoor Sports centre, who plan to have photos and results of those games on their website.

England Confident
In a recent interview with Indoor Cricket World, a member of the England touring squad told us he believes the England team's preparation has been timed to perfection.
"Four months of training has been designed to get the England players peaking just in time for the Perth series" he said.

While not giving too much away, he hinted that the England unit are a very strong fielding side, and rely on an even performance from all players. "The England team does not rely on a few individuals to win every game. They all work hard for each other, and the camaraderie is first class" he said. The experienced players like Andy Walton, Tony Rock and Stuart Kenney have combined really well with the new players such as Paul Basset, Glenn Willis and Ian Lyndsey.

World Champions?
As there has not been an "official" Masters World Championship, England have not been "officially" granted the title of World Masters Champions. However, in the absence of an "official" nod, we here at Indoor Cricket World believe England have every right to claim they are indeed the current World Masters Champions. So we've dropped the world "unofficial" from all future references to this series. And we believe the winner of this coming tournament should be considered the new World Masters Champions. The England touring party agree. "We intend holding on to our crown by beating the southern hemisphere teams in their own back yard.

Our contact had one last comment on the coming series:
"Good luck to all the players taking part, and may the best team win --- but beware - England are coming, and we aim to go back home the official World Champions".

So, I dare say, do South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

I think we're in for a great tournament.

Tournament details:

Ballajura Indoor Sports Stadium
Cnr Townsend & Oxleigh Drv Ballajura,
Tel: (08) 9249 6611

Game schedule for the tournament can be found on the AICF site HERE

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