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Day 5

Day 5 ( 26th October ) - first round. Posted 11:27pm Perth Time (GMT+08:00hrs)
In the battle for second place, New Zealand has the better remaining draw by far--they face England (whom they've beaten both times they've met) and South Africa (whom they've beaten one out of two meetings). England on the other hand face New Zealand (whom they've not beaten) and Australia (whom they've not beaten).

South Africa's chances of moving up the ladder are described in Day 4's notes.

Australia will top the table after today's last non-finals games.

....... we struggle to know what to call the pre-finals games: "Qualifying games" isn't correct because all four teams qualfied for the finals by showing up. Perhaps "pre-finals" games is as descriptive and accurate as we're going to get.


New Zealand 102 ( 2 skins ) defeated England 85 ( 2 skins )

Australia153 ( 3 skins ) defeated South Africa 39 ( 1 skin )

Another hard-fought game between England and New Zealand. Needing only 19 runs to win, New Zealand's last pair didn't get those 19 runs until well into the fifteenth over--they had to overcome a great welcoming over from Mike Barnatt (minus one) before settling down and scoring 13, 11 and 11 runs off the last three overs.

South Africa could only manage 39 runs against a very smooth Australian team. So dominant were the Australians in this game that every batting partnership bar one (the last) scored more than South Africa's team total, with the second pair of Glenn (Cass) Cassels and Paul Lahey scoring a fine 52. No doubt a game South Africa would not like to dwell on ... so we won't.

Day five ( 26th October ) - second round.
For England to force New Zealand out of second spot, they would have to beat Australia and take all skins, and South Africa would have to beat New Zealand (and take all skins). We think it's safe to predict that the final standings before the finals will be Australia first, New Zealand second, England third and South Africa fourth.

And so it was . . . . .


Australia 137 ( 4 skins ) defeated England 13 ( no skins )

New Zealand 149 ( 4 skins ) defeated South Africa 88 ( no skins )

Comprehensive victories by the teams who finished the pre-finals games in first and second place.

England copped what was close to Australia's best bowling and fielding display so far. Unlike some days previous, the Australians today weren't going to be caught napping for a second. And they weren't: England's highest partnership was 13, Australia's lowest was 28. England finish third, Australia first.

South Africa scored 88 runs, and it was always going to be a difficult task defending that score against New Zealand. And so it proved to be: after only 8 overs, New Zealand had scored 80 runs, thanks to a hard-hitting 52 from Colin Taylor and Barry Dickey. New Zealand's last pair also had a chance of a 50 partnership, needing 5 runs off the last ball . . . . instead of which a catch was hit, giving them a partnership of 40.
NEw Zealand finish second overall, South Africa fourth.

For those of you who've not been able to make the trip
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Table after Day 5

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