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Day 3

Day three ( 23rd October ) Posted 6:41pm Perth Time (GMT+08:00hrs)
Only one round of games today:
New Zealand play England, and South Africa play Australia. Once again a tiny crowd were in attendance--here's hoping the return to evening games on Thursday will enable more spectators to attend.


New Zealand 94 ( 3 skins ) defeated England 81 ( 1 skin ) - the third skin was actually tied, but New Zealand won the following skin, which under the rules gives them the preceding (tied) skin also.

Australia 136 ( 3 skins ) defeated South Africa ( 1 skin )


Anthony Arnold, batting third for South Africa (with Anton Conradie), smacked a four off the last ball of the partnership to take the skin from Australia ( 39 v 37 ).

The New Zealand vs England game was a hard-fought, close affair--New Zealand passed England's score in the 14th over, but with an over to go they were still behind on the skin. The last over yielded only two runs, just enough to give New Zealand the skin ( 19 v 18 ) and allow them to sneak above England on the points table. That last skin was significant: had England won the skin, they and New Zealand would have been tied in equal second place--instead of New Zealand sitting four points clear as they now do.

Bruce Reid had to leave the field for Australia, handing Peter Gladigau the captainship for the last four overs of the innings. Australia promptly lost the next skin, and struggled just a little to win the last. Peter's captaincy record therefore has a 50:50 win/loss record for skins . . . . ah, the joys of captaincy.

Australia are still unbeaten, New Zealand have moved ahead of England, and South Africa are still without a win.

For those of you who've not been able to make the trip
to Perth, each results page will have a little photo
showing you a bit of our city and surrounds.
--- Boatsheds on the Swan River ---

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