World Masters 2001

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World Masters
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Blast from the Past

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Day 1

Day one (21st October) - first round. Posted 11:35pm Perth Time (GMT+08:00hrs)
Defending champions England opened up against South Africa, and old rivals New Zealand and Australia met in the 456,880,221,399th sporting competition between the cross-Tasman neighbours.


England 144 ( 3 skins ) defeated South Africa 89 (1 skin)

Australia 113 ( 4 skins ) defeated New Zealand 29 ( no skins )


The privilege of being the first batsman to lose his wicket this series goes to Colin Robinson (Australia). Colin was bowled by a beauty from Tim Baker (New Zealand). Colin responded well by posting the first (and so far only) fifty-plus partnership--he and Ken Farley had an opening stand of 51 in the second round match against South Africa.

South African captain Steve Morris, batting first against England, spanked the second-last ball of the partnership for 5, giving South Africa the skin by one run.

The first (and so far only) team to keep an opponent's batting pair to a minus score is Australia--they did it in the first game against New Zealand, then repeated the dose against South Africa.

Day one - second round.
A confident England took on a determined New Zealand, and South Africa and Australia squared-off for the first time.


New Zealand 99 ( 2 skins ) defeated England 82 ( 2 skins )

Australia 132 ( 4 skins ) defeated South Africa 50 ( no skins )


New Zealand bowled and fielded extremely well to ultimately defend a fairly moderate score. Even so, with two overs to go, England were still in with a chance. They needed 25 runs off the last 16 balls (very difficult, but by no means impossible), but a great penultimate over, from which England were only able to score 3, sealed the result in a revitalised New Zealand's favour.
England were still able to take 2 skins from the game, their last two pairs making their respective skins comfortably.

Defending a very respectable score, Australia imposed their authority on the South African batsmen from the word go--they fielded quite magnificently, aided by some very penetrating bowling. Only South Africa's second pair of Steve Morris and Hendry Marais, with 28 runs, were able to offer any substantial resistance.

Good to see the players are not too old to have forgotten the value of a bit of needle on court, and are still capable of some breathtaking skills.

Those of us lucky enough to be there were treated to a great evening of top quality indoor cricket--what a shame there weren't hundreds of spectators to see it . . . as the promotion of the sport is something Indoor Cricket World has very strong views on, we just might have a bit more to say on that particular issue over the course of the series. But until then, roll on day 2 . . .

For those of you who've not been able to make the trip
to Perth, each results page will have a little photo
showing you a bit of our city and surrounds.
--- City view from King's Park ---

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