World Masters 2001

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Thumbnail gallery of the total Indoor Cricket World coverage of the series.
Indoor Cricket World's photographer was there for every game. Every photograph has now
been thumbnailed and published here. And for the technically minded, scroll down
for information on the equipment, film and techniques used.

NEW!!! READERS' PHOTOGRAPHS - We are accepting photographs from readers, and have published our first collection from Alison McCormick of England.

Readers' Photos Page 1 | Readers' Photos Page 2 | Readers' Photos Page 3

About the photos | About the cameras used

Coming Soon - My Tips, Techniques and Tricks-of-the-Trade for photographing Indoor Cricket

NOTE: Thumbnails of all the photos will be published here over the next couple of weeks.

All of the photographs which appear on Indoor Cricket World were taken by me, unless otherwise stated. And every photograph taken by me, unless otherwise stated, was taken on one of several ageing Nikon SLR cameras. That is, they are not taken on a digital camera, and I prefer it that way.

One of the prices I have to pay for that preference is a fairly tedious and time consuming process for publishing photos on this site. It is a price I am more than willing to pay for the many benefits of using high-quality film cameras for my work.

About the photographs:

All of the photos were taken on Professional standard negative film. Prints were then made on glossy photographic paper by a professional processing lab.

The photographs were then scanned and 'saved' as TIFF's. As the electronic versions of the photos are only for monitor display, they were scanned at a modest 75 dpi. After cropping, and any other necessary adjustments, the TIFF's were saved as JPEG images, with a compression factor of 10.

To maintain the quality advantage of good film cameras over digital cameras, any reprints supplied are printed on professional photographic paper from the original negatives.

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Technical Notes:
All the photos in this Photo Gallery were taken at the World Indoor Cricket Masters Championships in Perth, Western Australia, in October 2001.


  • Nikon FE2 (SLR)
  • Nikon F90 (SLR)


  • Nikkor 28mm f2.8
  • Nikkor 35--105mm f3.5 zoom
  • Nikkor 70--300mm f4.0 AF zoom

Film stock:

  • ASA 400 during the day when there was some diffused sunlight coming in through the skylights. This allowed shots at between 1/60 and 1/125 on the slowest lens (the 300mm zoom).
  • ASA 800 at night, when it was totally artificial light. Shooting at 1/60 with the 300mm zoom meant many of the shots were underexposed by up to two stops, but it was worth it to keep the shutter speed at 1/60.
  • I used one roll of ASA 3200 black-and-white for some action-freezing shots. Tolerating the one or two stops under-exposure, this allowed up to 1/500 (and one or two 1/1000) shutter speeds. I'll have that processed soon.

For the very few shots where I used flash, my Nikon-dedicated Sunpak 344D served me well.

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All Photographs are © Sheldon Levis, Indoor Cricket World. For information on reprints or approval for non-commercial use, please email Indoor Cricket World.



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