International Masters 2001

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World Masters
International Under 19's 2003

Blast from the Past

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Perth, Western Australia

Scores and Match Reports (as originally published):

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Semi Finals | Grand Final

PHOTO GALLERY -- A selection of the best photos Indoor Cricket World's photographer took will be added in stages to the Photo Gallery over the coming weeks - for the full library of photos, see the Thumbnail Gallery below.

PHOTO THUMBNAIL GALLERY - easy to browse, linking to more unpublished photographs. Latest addition of photographs and thumbnails - Thursday 15th November 2001.

NEW!!! READERS' PHOTOGRAPHS - We are accepting photographs from readers, and have published our first collection from Alison McCormick of England. Page 3 added 15th November 2001.

Readers' Photos Page 1 | Readers' Photos Page 2 | Readers' Photos Page 3

We'd also like to report that David Norman, our good friend from Shellharbour Indoor Sports in New South Wales (which hosted some of the warm-up games for the Masters) has on display an excellent collection of photographs he took during this tournament. Dave's photos, plus reports of the Masters from a player's perspective (Tony Panecasio) are to be found HERE.

Every photograph Indoor Cricket World took during the Championship is being added to this site in stages, over the next couple of weeks (November 2001). As they become available, they will be accessed from HERE. Once the thumbnails are added, the orders for reprints will be filled. Instructions for further orders will appear on the thumbnail pages, or by contacting Indoor Cricket World by email.

Lots of very interesting comment on this series in our Guestbook - from players, supporters who traveled with the teams, and supporters who had to stay home and keep up to date through Indoor Cricket World. Got something to add? Say it on our totally unedited, uncensored Guestbook HERE.

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